It is suggested to read at least one of The NUBooks before starting The TruCourse. For those who have the courage to do so, you will now be crossing the line beyond the Gods of Man.  This is The Real RiskTaker Position.   With The TruCompleteniss Course comes The RealConnection to The SoundLight ALLAliveniss of THE ALLIS.  

The first year is The NUStudent.  This is where you can test what Duane is presenting as you read The NUEpisodes and practice The NU-U Sessions.   With The TruCourse comes the direct communication with Duane, by email and phone.  

The second year is The NULeader.  This is where you decide to proceed with The RealGuides and Take The Risk even further into The Endlessniss of the TruReality LifeIS. 
 By this time you will have had RealExperiences where you start to understand Your RealAwareniss, The RealU. 

This is year three, and by now you should definitely know what you want your life to be.  Duane suggests you get involved with The NUPresentation, if you have not already done so, such as letting others know about The RealConnection to THE ALLIS.  For those who want to work directly with Rebazar Tarzs and The Real UNUversal Guides, teaching others is The Way to RealFreedom. 

The NU-U Sessions are very simple and Very Real, as they will make The RealConnection to The SoundLight ALLAliveniss LifeIS.  The easiest way is to get comfortable before going to sleep, then start softly singing… NU-U-U-U.  Extend each part of The NUUU-UUU-UUU out and have fun feeling the sound with you.  The RealGuides know you are doing The 
NU-U Session and they will guide you into the experiences you need to Recognize RealTruth and RealFreedom.


About nuchriscourage

I am training with Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides who stand with The ALLIS.
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