Words of emotion

This is what we refer to as a “tapline” on our radio shows and in the AdventurIS Series of NUBooks..

They are based upon agreement, and related heavily to the Astral body (emotional body). There’s nothing wrong with taplines, but they can harmful, and become difficult to deal with.

A very good reference for taplines is the scene in the Matrix when Neo wakes up to find several tubes and wires attached to him, and mostly on his backside. That scene showed how most taplines are installed unconsciously by marketing ploy, or clever wordplay, so they are agreed to without the host being consciously aware of it…

Most of us have taplines, but we can Become MoreAware and recognize what has been attached to us, so we can make better choices and decide which taplines we want and which to get rid of.


About nuchriscourage

I am training with Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides who stand with The ALLIS.
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