Here are some great Lucid Dreaming Tips. Another thing that is useful for lucid dreaming that isn’t mentioned is binaural beats. A lot of lucid dreamers swear by them!

Training wheels for cheap thrills… YU, The Radiant BEing of Light, needs none of these things.. Simply pay attention the what LifeIS showing YU, and YU will Become MoreAware. Look to ‘Your DreamVisions’ for verification, and YU will be shown what IS Real Now. Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides look to your intent, and at your heart… Those with the purest and most sincere hearts and intent will be taught Universal Positioning (UP) which is unlimited, just like YU. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Quantum Leaping, are all valid experiences, but lead nowhere, as they are limited to the 5 lower bodies/realms… They just go around in circles within the PsychRealms of Creation and Cause and Effect… With Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides, YU will be given the VERY BEST Experiences possible for YU to WakeUP to what IS Real Now, and to Become MoreAware.

Test The NUSound, The NU-U tonight! Have fun deciding 🙂


About nuchriscourage

I am training with Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides who stand with The ALLIS.
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