More propagan’duh’ to keep the sleepers sleeping…

One of these lifetimes, people may eventually stop lying to themselves.

Denying the wholeness of yourself, by accepting the limited ideas of others, is a surefire way to stay unaware and asleep to your own ISness. To BE complete, YU must face yourself – and all the “good” “bad” “positive” and “negative” that comes with it..

…just as a small reference: Can a car be started by dismissing the “negative” terminal, and only using the “positive” terminal? Please, go try. A battery starts your car by having BOTH its “positive” side and “negative” side utilized to create a flow of electricity.. this IS how creation works, both the so-called “positive” and so-called “negative” are used together… But, someone thought it would be a good idea to convince others that this is not the case.. So, people embrace the so-called “positive” while dismissing the so-called “negative” and actually try to pack all of the negatives away in a closet, thinking that they can ignore the Reality of the Physical Realm.. And when the closet gets too full, ALLLLLLL of that negativity comes pouring out and is usually way too much to be handled all at once, and the packrat has an even more difficult time than ever before.

It’s best to learn how to deal with everything as it comes along in smaller increments… and this will provide many benefits, including, but not limited too:

  1. Recognition of oneself as A Free BEing of Light,
  2. Becoming More Aware,
  3. Becoming Stronger,
  4. Becoming More Capable,
  5. and, Becoming Totally Free of The Dualistic Nature of Cause & Effect
  6. But most importantly… Recognizing one’s own ISness and the TruReality of Themselves and The ALLIS, and getting on with the Greatest Adventure..



About nuchriscourage

I am training with Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides who stand with The ALLIS.
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