An infinite abundance of unconditional love for both yourself and others. A new perspective on life. You stress about less things because the things you thought were important really aren’t anymore. Money and materialistic values become of less value. Your inner self is the main focus, and with that you can transform your whole life for the better

Your perspective is appreciated, thanks for taking the risk and for taking questions!

There IS however more to Life than ALL of this. Being spiritual is only one small step of the bigger journey, it is an idea that pertains to creation only and has nothing to do with the TruReality LifeIS, or the RealU.

YU are cordially invited to pay attention to Your DreamVisions, and your waking Life as well, as something wonderful will be presented to YU. Write down what YU are shown, it will make it easier to perceive what’s taking place. Have fun!


About nuchriscourage

I am training with Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides who stand with The ALLIS.
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