-Chris Courage

People think in their minds that they’re accomplishing something by “liking” and “Reblogging” this and that… but what’s imagined is not reality, it’s instead just like a dump, where trash gets piled on top of trash, to rot and stink up the place. Once something is tossed into the dump, that’s where it stays.

Very few recognize the opportunities presented to them, and actually get involved, in the physical sense, with what is really taking place, and do something that provides a benefit. The rest would rather spend their time arguing and fighting with each other over who cares more about something that’s already over and done.

..In other words, they’re too little, too late, and their sound-good/feel-good words and ideas mean nothing. Nothing, and they know it; which is why they’re so angry, because one thing they do recognize is their own sincere lack of courage to take the risk and get involved when the action is hot.

If that girl, or that boy, were still alive, would you know anything about them, would you care, really? Did you care enough yesterday to step in and BE there? Now that it’s too late, as in they’re already dead, and it’s popular to at least make it look like you care, it’s a good opportunity to throw more trash on the heap, more “likes” and “reblogs” and more “never forgets!” …keep throwing it and eventually all that’s been covered WILL actually be forgotten.

This world’s population is controlled by emotional attachment and taplining, it’s time to WakeUP and to recognize this for yourself.. Look to Your DreamVisions NOW, Life will show YU what’s Real.


About nuchriscourage

I am training with Rebazar Tarzs and The NUGuides who stand with The ALLIS.
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